Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Emergency Preparedness Manuals

Disaster Prep 101
Disaster Prep 101 sets a new standard in family emergency readiness. This manual provides both a step-by-step education as well as a quick reference for protecting your loved ones against anything from the likes of Hurricane Katrina through Bird Flu (Avian Flu). We cover everything from natural disaster through terrorism and terrorist attack, including biological, chemical, or nuclear incidents, as well as a host of others. We help you by not only teaching you about the threat, but we focus on the thousands of simple solutions available to you and we’ll do all this in a non-panic format. This book is highly useful for everyone including the average family, first responders, emergency management, government, and those involved in business continuity planning. In this complete educational text, or preparedness encyclopedia you’ll find: -Over 420 pages of original material, organized into easy-to-find bite-sized pieces. -Over 80 pages of family data forms and worksheets. -And a …