Friday, May 24th, 2024

Fire & Fuel

Fire Starter kit: fast lighting, camping, hiking, outdoors, lightweight
All Natural. Dry BC Pine. Great for backpacks, very lightweight. Instant start and comes with kindling. Starts fast and burns long enough to get a toasty fire.

Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets
Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets Features: Folds up into a compact unit for easy storage. Fuel tablets burn without odor and ignite easily. Opens to two cooking positions. Made of durable plated steel. 8 fuel tablets included.

Fuel Tablets
Fuel Tablets For use in solid fuel stoves, barbeques, and campfires. Made for StanSport Fold-A-Stove (LH001). Burns clean without odor and ignites easily. 8 fuel tablets included.

Fire Starter
No worry on having wet matches. Start your fire anytime anywhere. A perfect addition to any emergency kit. Gently shave a small quantity of magnesium into a small pile of grass, paper etc. Strike the magnesium rod with striker. The sparks will start the fire.